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We Bottle It, You Sell It!

Selling with Your own Logo and Labels:

  • We provide product information in PDF files and/or print, that you can utilize. You create your own logo and put it on your own literature.
  • Syringes and Bottles will be provided unlabeled per your request.
  • Direct contact with BEO for support and help with any questions or issues Mon-Fri 9-4 EST (321)372-1029.
  • $50 (subject to change) fee per Certificate of Analysis to have your company logo sent to our lab, Kaycha Labs, and use our full work up Certificate of Analysis as your own.

Selling as a BEO Rep:

  • We will provide PDF files for business cards and literature to assist you.
  • Syringes and Bottles will be labeled and packaged, ready for you to pick up or to be shipped to your location.
  • Direct contact with BEO for support and help with any questions or issues: Mon-Fri 9-5 EST (321) 372-1029.


1000mg 15ml:
-QTY (1-9) $40 ea -QTY (10-19) $35 ea -QTY (20+) $25 ea

2000+mg 30ml:
-QTY (1-9) $60 ea -QTY (10-19) $45 ea -QTY (20+) $35 ea

Gidgie Oil for Pets or Humans 1000mg 30ml:
-QTY (1-9) $40 ea -QTY (10-19) $35 ea -QTY (20+) $25 ea

Indie Oil for Pets or Humans 2000mg 60ml:
-QTY (1-9) $70 ea -QTY (10-19) $55 ea -QTY (20+) $40 ea

Bulk pricing: $7000 for 240 bottles of 30ml 1oz. Or 400 15ml .5oz bottles includes manufacturing and shipping.

Love my Body 1500mg 2oz 60ml bottles:
--This is a mix of paste and oil for everything skin: acne, wrinkles, burns and wounds.

-QTY (1-9) $75 ea
-QTY (10-19) $60 ea
-QTY (20+) $45 ea

Love my Body 350mg 1 oz Bottles: QTY (1-19) $20 ea -QTY (20+) $15 ea


10ml Syringe: Approximately 30 Day Supply
-QTY (1) $150 ea -QTY (2-9) $120 ea -QTY (10-19) $100 ea -QTY (20+) $85 ea

5ml Syringe: Approximately 15 Day Supply
-QTY (1-9) $80 ea -QTY (10-19) $70 ea -QTY (20+) $55 ea

1ml Syringe: Approximately 1-3 Day Supply
-QTY (1-20) $20 ea QTY (20+) $15 ea

Bulk pricing: 500 10ml syringes or 1000 5ml syringes -$33,000 includes manufacturing and shipping.

For cancers and other diseases, we suggest our CBD Paste - one 10ML syringe a week until the numbers come down and then they may back off to two a month. Even when the cancers and diseases go away, we suggest
at a minimum continuing taking the Paste and Oils at the 30 day supply level to keep the Endocannabinoid System functioning at its best!

We look forward to having you become part of the Beautiful Earth Organics Family!

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