About Us

The World of CBD

Entering the World of CBD was a choice that Bruce and Patty Prince made after they saw positive changes and understood how holistic CBD was an alternative option to other supplements, protocols and lifestyle choices.


Bruce and Patty learned and studied the endocannabinoid system, the terpenes, flavonoids, and strains that would provide the best benefits long term.

They found the best sources of product and required high standards of testing and organic philosophies. Then, they began studying the best extraction methods to make the product the cleanest and the highest potency it could be.

It's a Lifestyle

More benefits arose from a new lifestyle of eating organic fruits, vegetables, meats, only drinking lemon water, and cleaning up everything toxic – from cleaning supplies to personal care items.

Bruce and Patty are so thankful for their diligence in finding the right holistic lifestyle. Now they want to share it with the world!