Why We Sell CBD Oil

My mom, Priscilla Twing, was understandably devastated when she was diagnosed with stage 3c ovarian cancer. Because the cancer had metastasized, the doctor told her it was inoperable and most likely would result in a horrible and painful death. We were all terrified, and as word spread among the family, everyone came to pay their respects. Mom began chemotherapy but it took a tremendous toll on her body; she became more and more debilitated, was wheelchair bound, and was unable to care for herself. Things progressed to the point that I had to care for her. On April 4, 2016 we began treating Mom with CBD Oil. She had been unable to eat, but shortly after her first dose of CBD she was able to both eat and keep food down. She continued having small doses of chemo and she tolerated it very well (I would not suggest doing chemo or radiation or any drugs of any kind but that's just me).

I worked with Mom on cleaning up her diet of snacks, coffee, sugar, dairy, and grains.  We ate a nutrient rich diet of small amounts of organic meats, lots of veggies, and small amounts of fruits (which I made sure to peel). Every day, Mom drank an 8 oz glass of water with 1/4 teaspoon of organic baking soda to keep her body’s ph level high.

Day by day, Mom grew stronger, was feeling better, and her cancer markers dropped from 1590 down to 670. Then down and down until she was at 0 which is no evidence of disease. The day we learned that was one of the greatest days of my life!

Mom had a wonderful summer and fall, enjoying her cute apt and spending time with her many friends. Unfortunately, the cancer returned in October, and I went to pack her up and bring her to stay with me. While I was there, her friends told me that she had stopped eating organically and decided that she couldn't afford the high dose of CBD oil she had been taking.

Under my care, Mom started eating the organic foods and taking 2500 mgs which is a much higher dose of CBD Oil. Her numbers again began to drop and we were all elated!

In January 2017, my mom had a tooth ache and she had her tooth pulled; sadly, this caused her to suffer a deep vain thrombosis that could not be fixed and she passed away. I miss her so much.

My mom was the best CBD oil saleswoman! She would tell all her friends about it, now there are so many people who have had their cancers/diseases treated with the help of CBD Oil! Being passionate about getting the word out that CBD oil is healing in every way is very important to our human family. Please tell your stories, we want to hear them.

Rest in peace my beautiful Mom, we miss you!