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Beautiful Earth Organics CBD

Full Spectrum CBN Paste 10mL

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Our CBN Paste is a virtually uncut, high concentration hemp extract. We use a CO2 Extraction method that is the cleanest in the industry to ensure our products are free of toxins and harsh chemicals. Our CBN Paste will assist your Endocannabinoid System to work at its optimal level. This Full Spectrum CBN Paste is our NEW go-to for relief.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Anthony Ruffa

Hello I've been taking the CBN and this is the calmest I've ever felt.


Patty came into my life at the right time when I moved here! She took her time to give me knowledge that was exciting and I could not wait to reap the benefits of CBN ! CBN not only help dissolve a mini growth it has also helped when the panic attacks kicked in .the CBN has brought me a feeling of grounding which has helped me through a season of hard core physical labor in opening MissiLou Studios! I personally use a lot for it helps in many more ways also! Personally I've led my family and friends to these wonderful products !Thanks Patty and Bruce!

Michelle Gordanier
The Best CBD & CBN on Earth!!!

Our family has been using Beautiful Earth Organics for 7 years now!! I actually contacted them by phone out of desperation to help my son with Seizures and Autism. Unbeknownst to me, I would be helping our entire family!!!
We spoke for hours and all I felt was complete love and understanding from Patty Prince!
I can say after all these years of using their products
that CBD and CBN paste works better than any
seizure med on the market and has no side affects
aside from positive health benefits. We have seen our son Luke improve by leaps and bounds with his Autism symptoms and at the age of 13 he seems like any other teenager. It’s truly a miraculous sight to see and I don’t know where we would be without this precious family owned grass roots business.
My debilitating social anxiety and depression are gone! I can actually work all day, go to school full time and manage 5 kids with no panic attacks. If you knew me before you would understand the difficulty I had completing any task or being around large groups of people too long.
Just like anything else, it takes time, consistency and fine tuning the dose. From my first hand experience it’s 100% possible to achieve true health and change your life!!
Speaking of changing lives, my husband got off of addictive pain meds which hurt his health and our bank account! Being free from addiction, anxiety and depression has given us freedom, peace of mind and the ability to manage the stressors of life with a positive attitude.
I took CBD the entire time I was pregnant and breastfed my last child. I believe it kept my child’s immune system strong and prevented post partum depression. I lost weight quicker with my 5th child and all I did differently was the CBD! It’s amazing the benefits of feeding your Endocannanaboid system what it needs.
Thank you Bruce & Patty Prince for helping our family recover and thrive!!!❤️

With much Gratitude,
Byron, Michelle, Luke, Zach, Cassidy and Kenton Gordanier!

The most Beautiful family ever! We love you and are so happy we could help!

Brian W.
CBN review-Woke up refreshed :) Delaney W.

I just received my CBN paste in the mail yesterday 1-18-2023.
I can already say that I feel a difference with my anxiety just in one night and my chest pain was way better when I woke up this morning, I felt refreshed. Definitely recommend this product.