How Do We Make Our Products?

How Do We Make Our Products?

Glad you asked!

Here at Beautiful Earth Organics we believe in staying as true to the natural state of the hemp plant as we possibly can while still offering high cannabinoid products that are both federally compliant and effective.

What Goes Into Our Products

As the phrase goes, good in - good out. This is why we always start with organically grown hemp and organic ingredients in all of our products. No synthetic dies, flavors, cannabinoids, terpenes or anything like that in our products, EVER.

Our organically grown hemp is extracted using an all natural and safe extraction method common to essential oils known as a super critical CO2 extraction. This allows us to concentrate the levels of CBD in our hemp oil extract while remaining compliant (always less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC) and while retaining the full spectrum of benefits offered by the hemp plant itself.

We use this CO2 extracted hemp oil to infuse our products such as our oils and our popular beast paste.

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